Bicycling Magazine Unveils Redesign with June 2011 issue

Cycling’s leading media brand unveils new logo, page design, and visual elements
to better reflect the sport and its current culture

Emmaus, PA and New York, NY, May 3, 2011 – Rodale, Inc.’s Bicycling magazine today unveiled a comprehensive brand redesign that incorporates new photography, editorial and design elements that are geared towards better capturing the passion and beauty of cycling, embracing cycling’s new place within the cultural mainstream and utilizing the strengths of the print medium with a more visual, timeless approach.

The redesign was an in-house, collaborative effort led by Editor-In-Chief Peter Flax, Design Director David Speranza and the entire Bicycling editorial team. A detailed video preview of Bicycling’s redesign is available at

“We’ve set out to create a much more visual, sophisticated design that is more reflective of the actual experience of cycling, and of the current culture,” said Flax, who joined Bicycling in July after three years as an executive editor at Runner’s World. “At the same time, we’ve maintained our commitment to the powerful service journalism that has made this magazine so strong and keeps readers coming back.”

Chris Lambiase, Bicycling SVP / Publishing Director, added “In the past 10 years, cycling has changed dramatically, and there is now a new breed of cyclists in the U.S. – affluent, educated individuals who are committed to cycling and have enthusiastically embraced the sport on all levels. With a more sophisticated look and feel, and with an increased emphasis on passion for the sport, Bicycling can now connect with readers in a deeper way, while advertisers have a more powerful platform to reach consumers.”

Notable elements of the re-design include:

     &middot  A new, bold logo that will allow more space for compelling imagery on the cover, along with         higher-end paper stock for the cover, creating a more luxurious magazine.

     &middot  A new approach to photography that gives more space for images and emphasizes experience         and authenticity, evoking the passion and beauty of cycling.

     &middot  “Know How,” which will now anchor the front-of-book section, will package 20 pages each         issue devoted to reader service information, including training and fitness, nutrition, bike         maintenance, rand other news and trends. Contributors will include training gurus Chris         Carmichael and Selene Yeager (“The Fit Chick”), cycling lawyer expert Bob Mionske, and         Bicycling mechanic Mike Yozell.

     &middot  A dedicated columnist section that will feature four esteemed voices speaking to every level of         cycling, from pros (three-time Tour de France stage winner Jens Voight, who will alternate         columns with emerging pro cyclist Ted King) to the beginner (writer/radio host Colin McEnroe).         They will be joined by Bill Strickland, Bicycling’s editor-at-large and one of the cycling world’s         most respected voices, as well as “Bike Snob,” one of its most colorful and opinionated.

     &middot  More space for compelling, long-form narratives in the feature section, paired with larger         photography.

     &middot  Enhanced gear coverage, long a Bicycling hallmark, now augmented by bolder and more         experiential, authentic photography that better showcases bikes, accessories and apparel.

     &middot  “The Last Word,” a visual deconstruction and interpretation, from many varying perspectives, of         a single word or phrase within the cycling world.

Approaching its 50th anniversary this fall, Bicycling is in the midst of one of the most successful years in its history. According to PIB, through the first six months of this year, Bicycling has grown its ad pages by more than 12% and revenue by 14%, compared to the same period last year. The June redesign issue also posted a strong performance, with a 29% increase in ad pages and a 25% increase in revenue. Helping to fuel growth was a surge in automotive and endemic advertisers; new auto advertisers include Nissan Leaf, Ford Explorer and Volkswagen Touareg, while on the endemic side, several high-end Italian brands are advertising with Bicycling for the first time in years, including Bianchi, Campagnolo, and Colnago.

Additionally, the magazine’s audience has grown by nearly 18% (to 425,000) over the past five years, according to MRI, while the affluence of its readership grew by more than 15% over the past three years in spite of one of the worst economic recessions in U.S. history.

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