Rodale Books FAQs

How can I order a book?

Rodale books are available wherever books and e-books are sold. You can also buy books directly from us via the Rodale Store. If you are a bookseller, please see below.

As a bookseller or other retailer, how do I order Rodale books?

Macmillan is the U.S. distributor for Rodale trade books. To place an order, open an account, or request a copy of Rodale’s trade book catalog, please visit the Bookseller Services section of Macmillan’s website. To speak with a Macmillan customer service representative, call 888-330-8477 between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday.

Raincoast is the Canadian distributor for Rodale trade books. If you are a Canadian bookseller, please visit the Raincoast website or call its Customer Service Department at 604-448-7100 or 800-663-5714.

For all trade sales outside the United States and Canada, contact your local Pan Macmillan representative or visit Pan Macmillan’s website.

How can I make a bulk or premium purchase for my company or organization?

Special discounts are available for bulk purchases and promotional or “premium” use by corporations or manufacturers. To inquire about bulk purchases, premiums, catalog resale, or other special sales, please visit the Special Markets section of Macmillan’s website or call Macmillan’s Special Markets Department at 800-221-7945 ext. 5438.

How can I contact an author?

If you wish to contact or send a message to a Rodale author, send an email to or mail your author message/inquiry to the address below:

“Author Name”
c/o Rodale Books
733 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10017

How do I submit my manuscript?

Like most publishing houses, Rodale only accepts manuscripts submitted by an agent. We regret we are not able to review or return any unsolicited manuscripts and cannot guarantee a response or be responsible for any materials included with such submissions.

To avoid conflicts of interest, Rodale does not recommend any specific agents. To find an agent, consult The Writer's Market and/or Literary Marketplace, two volumes available at most libraries that have extensive lists of literary agents.

You can also visit for more information. Try to find an agent who specializes in the kind of book you are trying to publish.

How do I alert Rodale to an error spotted in one of its books?

Please contact Rodale’s customer service department at or call 1-800-848-4735. Please include book title, author, and page number in the email.

How can I offer feedback on a Rodale galley?

To send a comment about a galley or advance reader’s edition, email

As a member of the media, how do I request a review copy or press release?

For press inquiries or to request a review copy, catalog, or press release, please email

How do I request permission to use material from a Rodale book?

Rodale holds the exclusive rights on most of the titles it publishes. For rights information, specific details, or permissions to excerpt material, please email Rodale’s subsidiary rights department.

As an educator, how can I order a desk or review copy of a Rodale Book for class adoption?

To request a desk or exam copy, download a teachers’ guide (when available), or to sign up for subject-specific e-newsletters, please visit the Macmillan Academic website.