Men’s Health Teams Up with Fitbit on Ambitious Co-Branded Campaign, The Adventurist

NEW YORK (October 10, 2017) — Men’s Health, a Rodale Inc. brand, today unveils the launch of The Adventurist, a daring and multi-faceted editorial integration with Fitbit, the leading global wearables brand. In the three-part print, online, mobile, video, and social media series, Men’s Health challenges writer Clint Carter to successfully master three grueling extreme sports in just five days each, utilizing accelerated learning techniques. While taking on highlining between two cliffs, Olympic-style ski jumping, and BMX racing*, the new Fitbit Ionic smartwatch tracks Clint’s heart rate, steps, and more.

“This is the perfect kind of partnership – the chance to chase an unbelievable story with expanded resources,” says Men’s Health Editor-in-Chief Matt Bean. “We’re placing our readers and viewers on the front lines, helping them get more out of the world and out of themselves, which is in perfect alignment with Fitbit’s mission.”

The endeavors will be chronicled in Men’s Health print feature stories, digital longform articles, and mini-documentary videos integrating the Fitbit Ionic and its features. A print ad for the Fitbit Ionic will be displayed in the November and December issues, while a variety of digital ad units will be created for desktop and mobile. The partnership also includes elements such as: pre-roll and in-article video ads, social video distribution and Facebook amplification of The Adventurist videos, sponsored Instagram and Twitter posts, a Facebook Canvas ad unit, an Instagram Story takeover and sponsored “Gifts for the Adventurist” native content. The online piece and video on highlining launches on today and in the November 2017 issue, on stands October 17th. The coverage of the second sport, Olympic-style ski jumping, will be published on on November 1st and within the December issue, and the reporting on BMX racing will be revealed on December 1st.

In The Adventurist debut, Clint trains with Dakota Collins, owner of Rocky Mountain Slackline to eventually “send” a highline in five days, between two opposing cliffs in Golden, Colorado. A highline is a slackline set high above the ground; a fall could kill someone if a leash clipped to a harness isn’t used. As Clint shares, “Sending is lingo for walking all the way across without falling, and the world record is longer than a mile. I’m aiming for 20 feet…but I’ll be 60 feet in the air and relying on skills that most people take years to master.” From learning the “Chongo” sit-start method to slow, conscious breathing, Clint embarks on an epic journey with some surprising results.

“At Fitbit, we’re all about inspiring people to reach their health and fitness goals – whether that’s improving run time, learning to surf, or reaching a peak heart rate zone while highlining between two cliffs,” said Tim Rosa, Chief Marketing Officer at Fitbit.  “By joining forces with Men’s Health on this exciting new series, we’re thrilled to produce content that inspires, motivates and entertains people to try something new while on their personal fitness journey.”

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*Third challenge subject to change.

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Sources: *MRI Spring 2017; **Google Analytics Jan-Aug 2017; ***As of 9/29/2017

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