Rodale Inc. Reveals the First-Ever RODALE 100: The Definitive List of the 100 People, Products, Companies, and Organizations Positively Impacting Our World

Including: Dan Barber, the eSOS Smart Toilet, Pope Francis, Geena Davis, The Honest Company, Olivia Hallisey, Shoes That Grow, Subaru, Tesla Powerwall, U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan,

Rodale Inc., the world’s leading healthy, happy living company, today revealed the RODALE 100, the definitive list of the 100 people, products, companies, and organizations whose impact on local, national, and global communities is revolutionizing the world. The inaugural list honors unique accomplishments and innovative ideas that are transforming health and wellness, fitness, social outreach, food, and the environment.

Known for launching the organic movement in the United States in 1942, Rodale Inc. has been at the forefront of groundbreaking ideas in the health and wellness universe for nearly 75 years.

“We’ve been in the business of helping people discover happier, healthier ways to live their lives since my grandfather J.I. Rodale launched our first publication in 1942,” says Maria Rodale, the company’s chairman and CEO. “Our company was born of individuals with radical ideas and pioneering souls, so we wanted to develop the Rodale 100 to spotlight the next generation of visionaries whose work aligns with the Rodale mission.”


An expert community of award-winning journalists, activists, and experts submitted nominations for the RODALE 100 based on the principles and vision set forth by J.I. Rodale when he founded the company. All submissions were rigorously evaluated with special emphasis on significant accomplishments in 2015; the final list of honorees demonstrates:

·groundbreaking innovations that revolutionize how we see the world while driving others in the industry to embrace creativity;
·a positive impact that affects changes on a local, national and/or global scale;
·a displayed commitment to the welfare of human beings, animals, and the environment.

The RODALE 100 includes:

For three weeks in March 2015, Chef Dan Barber converted his celebrated Blue Hill restaurant into a pop-up eatery, called WastED, devoted to reconceiving food waste. Barber collaborated with more than 20 guest chefs to curate daily specials and celebrate what chefs do every day on their menus: find delicious beauty in the ignored and uncoveted.

The eSOS Smart Toilet is an eco-friendly, shippable, self-contained toilet that acts as a much-needed sanitation solution when public health is at risk due to war or natural disaster.

In May 2015, Pope Francis released Laudato Si, an encyclical on the environment and the climate’s impact on poverty that could spur the world’s Catholics to lobby policymakers on ecological issues and climate change. He also established September 1 as a “World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation” to draw attention to global environmental concerns.

Founded by renowned actor and advocate Geena Davis, the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media hosted three global symposiums in the United States in 2014, with featured panels exploring the portrayal of women and girls in film as well as global media’s impact on issues concerning women and girls. In September, a report commissioned by the Institute titled “Gender Bias Without Borders” assessed the quantity and quality of female roles in 120 popular movies released from 2010 to 2013. It found gender inequality to be “rampant” in films worldwide.

In 2015, The Honest Company, a lifestyle brand whose mission is to inspire and empower people to live healthy lives, revealed its new “social goodness” platform and committed $3 million to help build healthy, safe families. The Honest Company’s legacy includes the Ultra Clean Room at Mount Sinai’s Children’s Environmental Health Center in New York City, unveiled in September 2014.

Greenwich, CT teen Olivia Hallisey, 16, won the 2015 Google Science Fair Grand Prize for her invention the “Ebola Assay Card,” which can detect Ebola quickly (30 minutes), inexpensively ($25), and without refrigeration.

Since its launch in October 2014, The Shoe That Grows (created by Kenton Lee, executive director of Because International), an expandable shoe for children, is now available in 20 countries. The shoe, which grows up to five sizes, is providing thousands of children living in extreme poverty with long-lasting shoes to protect their feet soil-transmitted parasites and diseases.

Subaru, the first manufacturer in the U.S. automotive history to achieve zero-landfill status, announced in 2015 that it would share its best practices through a partnership with the National Parks Conservation Association. The goal: to reduce landfill waste and help educate visitors on ways to lessen their environmental footprint when visiting the parks.

Tesla, the technology and design company focused on energy innovation, introduced the Tesla Powerwall, a compact, wall-mounted, rechargeable, lithium-ion battery designed for homes and small businesses or to charge an electric car. The Powerwall saves money by gathering energy while the sun is out, and using it at night when electricity rates are lower.

U.S Representative Tim Ryan of Ohio is being honored for his book, The Real Food Revolution: Healthy Eating, Green Groceries and the Return of the American Family Farm. In June, Congressman Ryan cosponsored a bill that would enhance 30 million students’ access to fresh produce in their lunchrooms.

Matt Damon’s nonprofit group teamed up with Stella Artois on its first global social impact campaign (“Buy a Lady a Drink”) to highlight the 200 million hours a day women walk to collect water for their families. Each special-edition chalice purchased will fund five years of clean drinking water for one person.

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