Rodale — Publisher of An Inconvenient Truth — Congratulates Gore on Winning 2007 Nobel Peace Prize


Robin Shallow

Rodale — Publisher of An Inconvenient Truth — Congratulates Gore on Winning 2007 Nobel Peace Prize

New York, NY, October 12, 2007 — Rodale Books, publisher of An Inconvenient Truth, today congratulates former Vice President Al Gore for winning the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to spread awareness of man-made climate change and lay the foundations for counteracting it.

Rodale recently announced that it will publish Gore’s The Path to Survival, and the book will pick up where An Inconvenient Truth left off, offering a visionary blueprint of the changes we should make as a world community in order to prevent the climate crisis from threatening the continued viability of human civilization, on both a large and small scale.

“We are all incredibly grateful that Al Gore has made it his mission to educate the world about global climate change. And we are very pleased that the Nobel Committee has recognized his achievements,” said Rodale Chairman Maria Rodale. “All of us at Rodale are very proud that he chose Rodale as his publisher and look forward to continuing to help him communicate his message and find solutions.”

“We are pleased that the Nobel Committee has acknowledged Al Gore for taking on his shoulders a stupendously important global issue and working tirelessly to bring this message into the national and international conversation,” said Rodale President and CEO Steven Pleshette Murphy. “When we agreed to publish An Inconvenient Truth, we committed to his campaign to fight climate change, and publishing The Path to Survival is an important next step. We look forward to bringing all of Rodale’s resources to bear in getting Mr. Gore’s message out.”

Leigh Haber, Vice President and Editorial Director of Rodale, said “Gore is one of our greatest visionaries, but his visionary thinking is, most of all, humanitarian in its thrust. He cares deeply for the world and for people. It is moving to know he has been recognized in this profound way for his courage, prescience, and generosity.”

In the new book, Vice President Gore will present, explain, and prioritize the solutions to the planetary emergency of global warming, introducing the people, companies, technologies, scientists, and politicians at the cutting edge of designing, engineering, debating, and fighting for these solutions. He will explain how making bold choices now to protect our environment will also create new jobs, propel sustainable economic improvements, and inspire a new generation to tackle our most challenging issues with moral leadership. Part scientific manual, part expose and part visionary call for a new planet-wide political movement to save the future of humanity, The Path to Survival will appeal to the readers of An Inconvenient Truth who were motivated by the call to action in that book, and who are now ready to fight for the solutions that were considered politically impossible only a short time ago. The book will be published in May, 2008.

An Inconvenient Truth, also published by Rodale, was a #1 bestseller and has nearly 700,000 copies in print. The documentary film of the same name received an Oscar at the 2007 Academy Awards for Best Documentary feature. It is the third highest grossing documentary of all time. Al Gore’s most recent book, The Assault on Reason, was published in May of this year and has also been a #1 bestseller.

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